UMYU CONSULT LTD was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company with Corporate Affairs Commission in October 2010 and commenced operations in October 2013. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Umaru Musa Yar`adua University Katsina

The objectives of the company are as follows:-

  1. To contribute to the revenue generating capacity of the University and offer such other avenue for legitimate earning for both the University and its staff as may be sanctioned by the University laws and council.
  2. To create such opportunities for teaching staff to undertake projects that have direct relevance and bearing on the immediate community and the university.
  3. To provide such technical, scientific, professional and other expertise services to all levels of government, Parastatals, private sector and International organizations.
  4. To develop a comprehensive training & development programmes seminars and workshops for junior and senior executives for both private and public establishments.
  5. To plan and anchor professional courses, workshops and professional short term trainings for the University Community, Professional Bodies, Business Personnel, Government Employees, Parastatals, Organizations and other Corporate Bodies with a view to enhancing productivity.


The Company has six members of Board of Directors as follows:-

  • Professor Shehu Salihu Muhammad            Chairman
    • Muhammad Abubakar Yusufu Abukar       Director
    • Aminu Ibrahim                                            Director
    • Dr.Junaidu Muhammad                               Director
    • Dr. Mansur Haruna                                      Director
    • Dr. Bello Garba Kofar-Sauri                         Managing Director


          Room B12, Senate Building  (Ground Floor),

Umaru Musa Yar`adua University,

          KM 10, Dutsin-Ma Road,

          P.M.B 2218, Katsina,



“To be a commercially viable enterprise that contributes to the prosperity of the University, its community and the wider Katsina State populace”.


“To be operated as an efficient and effective result oriented service enterprise in terms of service delivery, advocacy and research”.


  • Hard work
  • Integrity
  • Excellence


The outfit provides the following range of services;

  1. Educational/Management Training Services;
  2. Management of University`s Business Premises & Properties;
  3. Management of Consortium Subsidiaries;
  4. Facility Management/Cleaning Services;
  5. Transport and Car-Care Services;
  6. Management of Students` Campus shuttle Buses;
  7. University Press and Bookshop.


  • Seminars, Conferences and Training Workshops;
  • Capacity Building for Teachers and School Administrators;
  • Finance and Management;
  • Feasibility Studies & Business Plans;
  • Stores and Distribution Chain Management;
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Socio-Economic Surveys;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit;
  • Organization of Short-Term/Professional Courses;

Management of University`s Business Premises& Properties

  • Student Center Shopping Complex
  • Durbin Yawuri Village
  • Shops located at various Faculties, Departments and Student Hostels
  • Student Buses
  • University Guest House
  • University Post Graduate Hostel

Management of Consortium Subsidiaries

As part of its strategic business plan, the Company has created two subsidiary consortiums, named as follows:-

  1. UMYU CONSULT (Engineering and Construction Consortium )
  2. UMYU CONSULT (ICT & Allied Services Consortium)

The objective is to enable the Company to fully participate in a variety of viable business opportunities in key sectors of the Company within and outside the State. The details for their services are in subsequent chapters of the profile.

Facility Management/ Cleaning Services

The Company added Cleaning Services Unit in its business portfolio in 2014. Already, the unit is responsible for the overall cleaning and sanitation of the University, which amongst others include the Male and Female Hostels, Senate block and all the University academic blocks. We hope to continuously consolidate and expand the operational scope of the unit to cover Katsina township and Katsina State in general.

Transport and Car-Care Services

The Company is responsible for the management of the fleet of University buses running the students Transport System while a comprehensive Car-Care Centre has been constructed at the Students` Centre being the commercial hub of the University. The Centre is expected to provide vital car-care services such as:-

  • Car Wash
  • Wheel Balancing Alignment
  • Car servicing Vulcanizing
  • Park and pay


The Engineering & Construction Consortium is one of the three subsidiary divisions of UMYU CONSULT LTD created in October 2013. The objectives of the consortium are:-

  1. Providing quality consultancy services in the area of building construction and civil engineering projects. This is necessary in the wake of the current building collapse syndrome in Nigeria;
  2. Accelerate the economic well being of individual consultants, the University and Katsina State at large;
  3. Maximum capacity utilization of vast human and material resources available in the University;
  4. Improve UMYU`s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

Construction Unit

The Construction Unit of the Consortium offers General Project Management and Supervision in the following Professional and Technical Services:-

  1. Architectural design
  2. Structural design
  3. Mechanical and Electrical design
  4.  Quantity surveying services
  5. Electrical Installations
  6. Power inverter installation
  7. Solar panel installation
  8. Satellite dish installation
  9. Carpentry
  10. Plumbing
  11. Masonry/bricklaying
  12. Generator installation services
  13.  Borehole drilling and provision of water tanks (underground, surface and elevated)


The use of energy is very vital in the lives of people living in both the urban and rural communities. Energy also has direct and an indirect effect on the environment, especially as it relates to desertification and climate change. To this effect therefore, the Renewable Energy Centre was designed to assess the conventional sources of energy and provide alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.


The Unit has the following specialized Research Groups with membership from across all relevant Faculties of the University in addition to full time Research Fellows and external members:

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Research Group

Carries out research on how to operate conventional power systems more efficiently such as energy efficient lamps, improved wood stoves and other energy conservation measures.

Material Research and Development (MRD) Group 

The group has the mandate to harness and assess local resources available within and outside the State for renewable energy development in

Bio-mass/bio-fuel, Solar PV cells, Hydraulic Oils, Laser/Plasma, Use of Jatropha (Bini-da-zugu) and Mornga (Zogale) oils for bio-diesel production as well as the plantation of these species, the group also undertakes work on briquetting of bio-mass and improved wood stove to reduce wood consumption in the State.

Engineering and Instrumentation Development Group

The group is mandated to apply the materials indentified by the Material Research Development group in the fabrication of local appliances/systems for domestic and industrial application in the following areas of research:

Bio-mass/bio-fuel appliances, Solar PV appliances, Solar Thermal Appliances, Wind Power Systems and Small Hydro power systems, Hydrolic Systems, Pneumtic Systems, Laser/Plasma Systems etc. The group intends to set up a 50 kw demonstration unit at a location near the University.

Research Projects/Workshops and Conferences

The Engineering Unit has under – taken major research work on briquetting of biomass and improved mud stoves and ovens. The centre is also capable of organizing sensitization workshops on the enormous renewable energy potential of the State for sustainable development.


The use of ICT is increasingly becoming crucial in executing developmental programmes and services in all facets of human endevour. It is in this light that the ICT Services Consortium was created as one of the three subsidiary divisions of UMYU CONSULT LTD in October, 2013. The primary objectives of the consortium are:

  1. Providing quality consultancy services in the area of ICT and Allied services;
  2. Maximum capacity utilization of the vast Human and material resources available in the University;
  3. Improve the University`s  Internally Generated Revenue (IGR);
  4. Accelerate the economic well being of stakeholders such as individual consultants, the University and Katsina State at large.

In pursuance of the above objectives therefore, the consortium utilizes highly qualified, experienced and resourceful consultants on modern ICT technologies and services, well equipped University’s state of the art ICT Training and Incubation Centre highly equipped with modern equipment`s and facilities.

Services Offered

A. Training and Other Capacity Building Programmes: Providing professional ICT courses, workshops and short term trainings for career development productivity enhancement. This includes:

  • ICT Training services for University Students and Staff
  • ICT Training services for State Civil Servants
  • ICT Training services for Local Government Staff
  • ICT Training services for UBE Primary School Teachers and
  • ICT Training services for Secondary School Teachers

B. Computer Based Test and Online Assessment Services for internal and external parties: providing platforms for CBT and other e-exams (including UTME) to internal and external bodies.

  • Internal Student and External Parties CBT E-Exams
  • Civil Service Promotion Tests, General Courses and Professional Certifications
  • Secondary and Primary Schools e-Exams during Competitions 

C. Specialized ICT Services and Supports to University Community and Third Party organizations and bodies such as:

  • Networking Services and Support: Cisco Devices Supply, Deployment, Installation and Maintenance (such as routers, switches, wireless access points, and IP phones)
  • Software Development and Applications Design Services: Portal Design and Development, Human-Resources Apps, Accounting and other Financial Applications, etc.
  • Networking Services (LAN/WAN/MAN Maintenance and Trouble shooting)
  • Fiber Networking, Splicing, and maintenance
  • Internet service Deployment (wireless hotspot services)
  • Web-design services (with web application such as student registration portal)
  • Computer repairs, Assembling and Maintenance
  • Telepresence Services for online meetings, discussion forums and interviews
  • Bulk SMS notification services to staff, students and host community
  • ICT Consultancy Services to Higher Institutions, public and private Secondary and Primary Schools
  • ICT Consultancy Services to Government Ministries, Department and Agencies
  • Design and production of staff or students Smart ID Cards

D. Professional and Computer related Certifications for career development on the following courses:

  1. Professional Certificate on Software & Applications Development:
    1. Basic & Advance Python Programming
    1. Basic & Advance Java Programming
    1. Basic & Advance C++ Programming
  2. Professional Certificate on Web Development:
    1. Basic Certificate in Web Design (HTML & JavaScript)
    1. Advance Certificate in Web Design (Coding, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, CMS)
  3. Computer Appreciation + Introduction to Internet Applications and Networking;
    1. Microsoft Office Application Packages for Beginner + Introduction to Computers;
    1. Advanced Microsoft Office Application Packages
  4. Professional Certificate on Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking:
    1. Internet & Network Security
    1. Malware Analysis & Cyber Threat Intelligence
    1. Digital Forensics & Incidence Response
    1. Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
  • Professional Certificate on Database Management:
  • Database Fundamentals
  • MySQL Database Fundamentals
  • SQL Fundamentals (Oracle)
  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  • Professional Certificate on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT):
    • Fundamentals of Digital Electronics & Electrical Appliances
    • Fundamentals of Machine Learning & AI
    • Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Machine Learning for AI
    • Machine Learning for IoT Appliances
  • Professional Certificate on PC Maintenance & Management:
    • Basics of PC Hardware & Software
    • Software & Operating Systems Installation & Upgrades
    • Hardware Components Repairs & Replacement for PC Maintenance
    • IPAD-Tips & Tricks;
    • GSM Fundamentals & Using of Smart Phones;
  • Professional Certificate in Digital Accounting & Financial Systems:
    • Fundamentals of Accounting & Management.
    • Basic Use of Digital Accounting
    • Advance Accounting & Auditing Management Systems
  1. Project Management-Principles & Applications
  2. Huawei HCIA Data & HCIA Security Professional Certifications under Huawei UMYUK Academy.
  3. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certifications under Cisco UMYUK Academy