Message from the Dean

I am delighted to be able to welcome you to the web page of the Natural and Applied Sciences. Through these pages, we hope to share with you some of the latest Faculty news and events, and the exciting programmes offered by our Faculty.

It is an exciting time to be in Science!

Science is the key to innovation and inventions. Science behind many tools and technologies, at times may be invisible, is having an impeccable impact on sustainability, quality of life, and healthy ecosystems. Science is the backbone of innovation in all other sciences, technology, arts, business, engineering and education. As the National Science Foundation advertises, Science is where “discoveries begin!” .

The Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences at Umaru Musa Yar’adua University is striving for

  • excellence in research, teaching and service;
  • enhancing diversity; and,
  • fostering harmony among our alumni, faculty, staff and students. 

Partnerships are important to accomplish our mission of "Building leaders in Science! " Our success is ultimately determined by the successes of our alumni. The Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences is committed to seeing ALL students and alumni of our great university scientifically trained, regardless of their future career paths.

As the Dean of Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, I am committed to see our community of alumni, faculty, staff and students thrive in research, teaching and service, and take pride in excellence in everything we do. I look forward to recruiting outstanding diverse faculty who will enhance our strong research profile, strengthen our graduate programs in terms of their quality, quantity and diversity, mentor and integrate research and learning experiences for our students at all levels. Excellence in work, respect for diversity, and outstanding citizenship are our expectations.

Building partnerships with our alumni and friends in business, industry and government to

  • increase research funding,
  • provide futuristic research and learning facilities, and
  • establish professorships and fellowships,

is an important priority for us. We are grateful to our generous donors and supporters of Science.

We continue to build on our strengths in life, physical, mathematical and statistical sciences, and foster multidisciplinary research across the campus and around the globe. We provide experiential learning to train problem solvers and build future science leaders. Our fundamental and applied research lays a foundation for future inventions, economic development, start-up companies, and address global challenges related to sustainability, health and security. We welcome students, staff and faculty of UMYU.

Please come experience, explore, discover and achieve at Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences!