In an effort to get rid of snakes and other reptiles in the entire campus, the Management of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University is informing the general public that it has succeeded expelling a large number of snakes  within the vicinity of the University.

The effort paid off through one of the regular fumigation exercises held during the weekend.

Normally, the University authority conducts fumigation exercise in all the nook and cranny of the campus fortnightly to ward off reptiles, snakes and other insects to make the university habitable to its staff, students and its guests.

Beside the fumigation exercise, clearing of bushes and shrubs is carried out to beautify the university surroundings and to chase away reptiles and other rodents for all members of the University community to feel safe and move freely without any fear.

Now that the rainy season is at its peak, students and all members of the university community are strongly encouraged to report immediately any suspicious movement of reptiles to the university authorities for prompt action.

The University authority hereby assures that it would continue to do its best in safeguarding the lives of its staff, students and other visitors by being proactive in tackling all challenges that could pose a threat to lives within the university campus.

Staff and students are encouraged to go about their normal businesses as the university management is ready to ensure a safe environment for

University Management