Authors are expected to take special attention and care during preparation of their manuscripts for submission and consideration for publications. The recommended journal format should be followed, spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes should be avoided. All the observations and corrections made after review process should be properly addressed before the manuscripts can be considered for final publication.


Manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word, double column format, with 1.5 Line Spacing using Times New Roman font type and font size 12. Margin of 25 mm should be used on all the sides of the paper.

All major headings and sub-headings should be written in bold.

Title (Not more than two lines (Maximum, 30 words))

Author Full Name*1, Author Full Name2 and Author Full Name3

1 Author Full Address

2Author Full Address

3 Author Full Address

*Corresponding Author: Email Address

Abstract: The abstract should be a single paragraph which summarises the content of the article, briefly describing what was done, how it was done and what was achieved. It should not be longer than 200 words (approximately 8-10 lines).

Keywords: Maximum of six (6) keywords.

Introduction: The introduction should cover the background of the study as well as the explanation of previous related works and clear objective of the present research work. Citation and referencing should be taking care of.

Experimental procedure: The materials used should be stated and methods or procedure should also be clearly explained providing adequate information to enable repeatability of the procedures by others, if desired. Only new techniques need be described in detail; known methods must be well referenced.

Results and Discussion:These should be presented concisely, with tables or illustrations for clarity.

Figures and Tables: Only good quality and high-resolution figures will be accepted. Graphs should be clearly presented with axis titles. The figure number(s) and caption should be presented below the figure while the table number(s) and caption should be above the table. The tables should be presented in excel format. Headings and units (where necessary) should be clearly indicated.

Chemical Structures:Authors should use ChemDraw, Chem Sketchsoftware in drawing the chemical structures.

Conclusion: The conclusion should summarise the major findings of the research. This should come at the end of the article.

Conflict of Interest: The author (s) should clearly state if there is conflict of interest in the manuscript.

Acknowledgement:Acknowledgement should be brief and concise. Only those that contributed in the research financially or otherwise should be acknowledged.

References: Numbering styleshould be used. This involves the use of numbers in square bracket [1] when citing a referencein the text.References should appear here in the following formats:

  1. Journal:
  2. Name, B. Name and C. Name, Title of the work. Journal Name, Year, Volume number (Issue number): page number.

S.M. Batagarawa, and A.O. Lawal, Determination of some Heavy Metal Levels in FunariaHygrometrica in Dutsin-ma Town of Katsina State. Journal of Applied Science and Environmental Management, 2010, 14(3):65-68.

  1. Books

INTIALS. Author’s surname, Title, Publisher, Place of publication, Edition (if not the first), Year.

  1. March, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Wiley, New York, 3rd edn.,1985.


  1. Book with editor(s) instead of author(s)

Title, ed. INITIALS. Editor’s surname, Publisher, Place of publication, Edition (if not the first), Year.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, ed. W. M. Haynes and D. R. Lide, CRC Press, Boca Raton, 92nd edn., 2011.

  1. Book with corporate author

Corporate author, Title, Publisher, Place of publication, Edition (if not the first), Year.

International Energy Agency, Offshore Renewable Energy: Accelerating the Deployment of Offshore Wind, Tidal, and Wave Technologies, Earthscan, Abingdon, 2012.

  1. Book usually known by its title (no authors/editors)

Title, Publisher, Place of publication, Edition (if not the first), Year.

British National Formulary: BNF 62, BMJ/Pharmaceutical Press, London, 2011.

  1. Book chapter (where chapters have individual authors)

INITIALS. Author of chapter’s surname, in Title of book, ed. (if applicable) INITIALS, Surname of author/editor of book, Publisher, Place of publication, Edition (if not the first), Year, Chapter, Chapter pages.

  1. Barker, in Catalyst Deactivation, ed. B. Delmon and C. Froment, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2nd edn., 1987, vol. 1, ch. 4, pp. 253–255.
  2. Journal articles

Use this format for PDF or HTML versions of print journals.

Journal titles are given in abbreviated form using the style defined in Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index (CASSI): If you cannot find an abbreviation for a journal, and if it is not obvious how the title should be abbreviated, reference the full title.

INITIALS. Author’s surname, Title of journal (abbreviated), Year, Volume number, Pages.

  1. J. Eichhorn, A. Dufresne, M. Aranguren, N. E. Marcovich, J. R. Capadona, S. J. Rowan, C. Weder, W. Thielemans, M. Roman, S. Renneckar, W. Gindl, S. Veigel, J. Keckes, H. Yano, K. Abe, M. Nogi, A. N. Nakagaito, A. Mangalam, J. Simonsen, A. S. Benight, A. Bismarck, L. A. Berglund and T. Peijs, J. Mater. Sci., 2010, 45, 1–33.
  2. For published material where page numbers are not yet known, articles should be cited by DOI (Digital Object Identifier).
  3. J. Amin, R. R. Shuaibu, M. K. Geofrey and P. Ogunkanmi, Chem. Commun., 2012, DOI: 10.1039/C2CC17634C.
  4. For material accepted for publication, but not yet published, the following form is used:
  5. R. Jones, Angew. Chem., in press.
  6. For material submitted for publication but not yet accepted the following form is used:
  7. R. Jones, Angew. Chem., submitted.
  8. Website

Title of webpage, URL, (access date).

Please note the most important information to include is the URL and the date accessed.

The Merck Index Online,, (accessed October 2013).

ChemSpider,, (accessed June 2011).

  1. Conference paper (when proceedings have a named editor)

INITIALS. Author of paper’s surname, in Title of conference proceedings, ed. INITIALS. Surname of editor of proceedings, Publisher, Place of publication, Year, Pages of paper.

  1. Pullen, in Proceedings of the International Conference in Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (SEB'09), ed. R. J. Howlett, L. C. Jain and S. H. Lee, Springer, Brighton and Hove, 2009, pp. 325–337.
  2. Conference paper (when proceedings have no named editor or are part of a major series)

INITIALS. Author of paper’s surname, Title of conference proceedings, Publisher, Place of publication, Year.

  1. C. Freeman, Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Toulouse, 1980.

For material presented at a meeting, congress or before a Society, etc., but not published, the following form is used:

  1. R. Jones, presented in part at the 28th Congress of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Vancouver, August, 1981.
  2. Thesis / Dissertation

INITIALS, Author’s surname, Designation type, Name of institution, Year.

  1. C. McKenna, PhD Thesis, University of Bath, 2009.
  2. McMillen, MBA Dissertation, University of Bath, 2010.
  3. Report

INITIALS, Author’s surname, Title, Department/Division Report number (if given), Publisher, Place of publication, Year.

  1. A. Allen, D. B. Smith and J. E. Hiscott, Radioisotope Data, UKAEA Research Group Report AERE-R 2938, H.M.S.O., London, 1961.
  2. Patent

Patent country (abbreviated), Patent number, Year.

Br. Pat., GB2448234, 2008

US Pat., US20100120727A1, 2010.

  1. Software

Creator, Software Name (Version), Publisher, Place of Publication, Year.

  1. James, AIM2000 (version 1.0), University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld, Germany, 2000.
  2. Bellander, M. Lewne and B. Brunekreef, GAUSSIAN 3 (Revision B.05), Gaussian Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, 2003.



Distribution of heavy metals in water and some fish species in Zobe Dam Nigeria.                   1

Samaila M. B. and Uli S. L. 

Determination of some Heavy Metal Levels in Funaria Hygrometrica in Dutsin-Ma Town ofKatsina State.                                                                                                                               16

Batagarawa S. M.  and Lawal A.O.