Dr. Musa Ahmed
Dean Student Affairs

A functional and effective student affairs unit is a prerequisite to any institution that aspire to prioritize student’s achievements, persistence and satisfaction. Student Affairs Division of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University is therefore, committed to providing welfare and support services in order to enhance the learning environment and boost the psychological wellness and performance of students. The Division plays a significant role in the development of policies and strategies aimed at enhancing the academic field, by drawing necessary directions toward improving service quality in the University. To achieve the above said goals, the Division Performs the following specific functions:

  • Assists students in transition to university life
  • Help students to explore and clarify their values
  • Encourages the development of relationships of friendship and a sense of belonging to a campus community
  • Assists in identifying financial aid resources in further education
  • Creates opportunities to expand the cultural and aesthetic horizons of students
  • Teaches students how to solve personal and group conflicts
  • Provides special programs and services for students who have learning difficulties