Male and Female Hostels

The University has both Male and Female Hostels. The Male Hostel is named Professor Sani Muazu Hostel and has 10 blocks with 20 rooms in each block. In addition, there is another block (block K) which has 96 rooms. In total, the Male Hostel can conveniently accommodate 1,600 students. The Female Hostel is named Hajia Indo Mohammed Hostel and is made up 3 blocks (A, B and C) Blocks A and B have 78 rooms while Block C has 96 rooms.

The rooms can conveniently accommodate 752 students. In all the hostels, cooking and laundry facilities are provided. Sport and viewing facilities are also provided. Rooms are allocated to students at the beginning of each session irrespective of their tribe, religion or ethnicity, however, priority is given to fresh, final year, physically challenged and international students. A well-furnished and serene Postgraduate Hostel was also recently constructed.

The postgraduate hostel has 64 self-contain rooms equipped with reading facilities. All the hostels are equipped with security and safety facilities. Each hostel is being taken care of by designated Hall Administrator. In addition to Hall Administrator, other officers including Hostel Advisors, Hostel Supervisors, Porters/Portresses are also deployed to each hostel in order to ensure proper maintenance of the hostels facilities.

Female Hostel Block Female Hostel Block
Male Hostel Block Male Hostel Block

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