It is a pleasure for me to welcome new and returning students to Umaru Musa Yar'adua University Katsina for the 2016/2017 session. For the new students prepare yourself for a new experience with an open mind and willingness to participate in academic and non academic activities that UMYU offers. For the returning students prepare yourself with more vigor and resolve to improve on your present status both in terms of academics and extracurricular activities.

We take pride that we are a fast growing institution that is striving for excellence facilitated by an environment (safe and serene) for learning and willing staff to assist and make your stay worthwhile life experience.

We give you the assurance of continues commitment to excellence and the offer of quality programmes that are intended to greatly impact your potential for future career success. The staff are active and supportive and will be there for you.

We are determined to engage you not only in the classrooms but also in activities outside of the classroom all with the aim that you will gather a wealth of experience and graduate with good grades and good resumes that will equip you to go into the larger society for future endevour.

Our strength will be measured against our ability to educate and train all students in both learning and character that will ultimately result in our students' success.

During your stay at UMYU, we will always present you with and these opportunities present you possibilities. Possibilities to earn higher degree to become an entrepreneur, to chart an entirely new course in your life including friendships that will last a life time and so many other possibilities for you explore and seize.

We are presently capitalizing on technology for teaching and instruction and for the first time we are deploying e-learning with the subsidized tablets and customized application software for the Law students. We will build on the experience and spread it to all academic programmes subsequently.

For this season and the subsequent ones the Senate of UMYU has approved a more encompassing assessment of students that has attendance, assignments, tutorials, group assignment participation, continuous assessment tests, practical and fieldwork (where applicable) as components of the overall semesters results. This and other measures we hope will ensure that examinations are not treated as isolated events, with the focus on generating grades instead of creating a deeper learning environment.

We are also devoted to develop strategies that encourage students to devote more time for examination preparation and discourage malpractices with our recent experiences.

Our students have over the years been of exemplary good conduct and we intend to maintain that by ensuring that the right of each and everyone is respected using existing regulations and guidelines. We sincerely hope and look forward to the cooperation of each and everyone; for the returning students to maintain and improve on their conduct and for the new ones to learn and adopt the norms and develop the attitude mutual respect.

You should always have our motto in mind- to learn and to serve so as to make your stay at UMYU worthwhile


You are welcome


Professor Idris Isa Funtua

Vice Chancellor


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