Welcome to the 2015/2016 Session

A very warm welcome to you, the returning and our new students; and to our academic and non academic staff as we formally begin the academic year-2015/2016 session.

For the New students: You have a great journey ahead of you. You going into campus life starting with your classes and making new friends. You will explore an immense range of activities on our campus that are familiar and you will also find opportunities in areas completely new to you.

The community you are joining is truly academic, UMYU is comprised of people who share genuine concern for each other and the environment. We take great pride in our motto; to learn and to serve, the vision and the academic mission of the University. The academic staff are there for you and are engaged fully in teaching, research, and community service both immediate and afar.

What should unite UMYU students is the sense of purpose they bring from their individual perspective. Here, you will gain knowledge from your fellow students, trade stories, and hear viewpoints that are different from your own. Sitting next to you in lecture rooms are men and women with experiences and ways of life you that may in some respect differ from yours. Benefit from their insights and it will enhance you as a person.

Understand that what you first see in your peers, is a limited indicator of their perspectives and experiences. Get to know one another. You’ll be surprised to find ways that your fellow students are similar to you, ways they diverge from you, and how your peers from comparable groups differ from one another.

At UMYU, we want todrive positive changes and don’t want to instruct students on what to think. Instead, we want to teach how to learn and how students take charge of their thinking. We want you to be independent in your assessment, critical in your analysis, and innovative in developing solutions. We strive to help you develop skill, and we hope you’ll retain them for life.

You should also consider the guidance of your Lecturers and Advisers when you’re choosing courses and fields of study. Have confidence in your Advisers and Lecturers to help you find your path of study. They have experience and wisdom, and they want nothing more than to help you succeed.

You should also remember that you won’t be embarking on this journey alone. You will form close friendships and make many enduring relationships during the next four years. The bonds you will form as you help one another grow will fortify your friendships for many years to come. These friends will be with you through all your major life events from new jobs to career changes, from marriage and new families all the way through to seeing the next generation.

The new experience starts here and extends beyond graduation—because as alumni, we want you to remain engaged with UMYU and its mission. We hope that you will remain active citizens throughout your life, as a natural outgrowth of your involvement in UMYU.

Being at UMYU, you are also saying goodbye to your families and friends, many of you for the first time. You will now have responsibility for everything from eating right, keeping fit, and getting enough sleep to doing your own laundry and getting to classes on time. It’s important to remember that it’s up to you to make good choices. Though there are others around you to offer guidance, no one but you can keep you healthy and safe and successful. Over the next four years, you will learn how to become self-sufficient.

You will also be making important choices about how you conduct your relationships. I hope that mutual respect will be your guide and goal. Social misconduct are not tolerated in UMYU and student handbook and code of conduct are there to guide you. We take every allegation of misconduct seriously, conducting full investigations and providing the support and resources our students need and deserve.

We also expect you to be responsible neighbours. UMYU is fortunate to have strong relationships with the people of Batagarawa and Katsina larger community. They take great pride in the university’s presence in their community and the partnerships we have developed. Don’t let them or us (UMYU community) down.

We look forward to getting to know each of you better during your time at UMYU. Today, you begin a new chapter of your life and it is a privilege for us to be part of it.

Professor Idris Isa Funtua

Vice Chancellor


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