ALL admitted candidates are reminded to note the following:

1. Candidates registering for Pre-Degree Programme must possess at least five (5) O’ Level Credits, three (3) of which must be from Basic Science Subjects and two (2) in English Language and Mathematics, at not more than two (2) sittings. The Candidates must also register for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and obtain the minimum pass mark.

2. Candidates registering for IJMB Programme must possess at least five (5) O’ Level Credits, three (3) of which must be from Basic Science Subjects and two (2) in English Language and Mathematics, at not more than two (2) sittings.

3. IJMB candidates are advised to register with JAMB for Direct Entry (DE) Admissions

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1 APP1042 NANA YAU FCT Municipal IJMBE (Sciences)
2 APP1202 Olive Francis Imo Ehime-Mbano IJMBE (Sciences)
3 APP1191 KARIMA IBRAHIM Kaduna Igabi IJMBE (Sciences)
4 APP0083 Ajila Aliyu Kaduna Kaduna North Pre-degree (Sciences)
5 APP1126 HAMISU ABDULLAHI Kano Fagge IJMBE (Sciences)
6 APP1257 Aisha Abubakar Kano Kumbotso IJMBE (Sciences)
7 APP1219 Kamalu Miko Kano Dawakin Tofa IJMBE (Sciences)
8 APP1220 Shuaibu Muhammad Kano Dawakin Tofa IJMBE (Sciences)
9 APP1080 Ibrahim Dahiru Katsina Sandamu IJMBE (Sciences)
10 APP1161 MUDASSIRU suleiman Katsina Dutsinma IJMBE (Sciences)
11 APP1262 Sulaiman Rabiu Katsina Bakori IJMBE (Sciences)
12 APP0951 USMAN GEGE Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
13 APP1059 Fiddausi Rabilu Katsina Matazu IJMBE (Sciences)
14 APP1066 Rulwanu Isah Katsina Sandamu IJMBE (Sciences)
15 APP1098 ABDULLAHI LAWAL Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
16 APP1147 HABIBA TANIMU Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
17 APP1160 musa sani Katsina Kafur IJMBE (Sciences)
18 APP1178 salim aminu Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
19 APP1186 Amina Tanimu Katsina Matazu IJMBE (Sciences)
20 APP1198 Bilal Ahmad Katsina Rimi IJMBE (Sciences)
21 APP1197 Heekmat Dalhatu Katsina Batagarawa IJMBE (Sciences)
22 APP1255 Hauwau Mahmud Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
23 APP1272 Wasila Suleiman Katsina Kafur IJMBE (Sciences)
24 APP1278 MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR Katsina Bakori IJMBE (Sciences)
25 APP1151 SAIFULLAHI AHMAD Katsina Faskari IJMBE (Sciences)
26 APP1290 ALIYU RABIU Katsina Batsari IJMBE (Sciences)
27 APP1209 ADAMU TUKUR Katsina Mashi IJMBE (Sciences)
28 APP1283 HASHIRU HASSAN Katsina Batsari IJMBE (Sciences)
29 APP1288 ISMAIL HASSAN Katsina Batsari IJMBE (Sciences)
30 APP1194 AMINA IBRAHIM Katsina Bakori Pre-degree (Sciences)
31 APP0093 MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR Kebbi Birnin-Kebbi Pre-degree (Sciences)
32 APP0946 YASIR MUHAMMAD Kebbi Birnin-Kebbi Pre-degree (Sciences)
33 APP1152 Bashir Yakubu Kogi Okene IJMBE (Sciences)
34 APP1188 Abayezid Ademu Kogi Dekina IJMBE (Sciences)
35 APP1030 NUHU YAKUBU Kogi Okene IJMBE (Sciences)
37 APP1184 Samuel Wazi Nasarawa Nassarawa Egg IJMBE (Sciences)
38 APP1075 HAMEEDA SAIDU Niger Shiroro IJMBE (Sciences)
39 APP0088 Rafia Musa Niger Shiroro IJMBE (Sciences)
40 APP0070 Abubakar Rofeek Oyo Ogbomoso-Nort IJMBE (Sciences)
41 APP0091 Abubakar Rofeek Oyo Ogbomoso-Nort IJMBE (Sciences)
42 APP1054 SHITTU SAHEED Oyo Ibadan-Centra IJMBE (Sciences)
43 APP1180 Aliyu Saleh Yobe Bade IJMBE (Sciences)
44 APP1217 Ibrahim Ibrahim Zamfara Gusau IJMBE (Sciences)
45 APP0952 abdulsalam sani Zamfara Gusau Pre-degree (Sciences)
46 APP0953 abdulrahman sani Zamfara Gusau Pre-degree (Sciences)
47 APP0085 SAIFULLAHI USMAN Zamfara Gusau IJMBE (Sciences)
48 APP1285 Aliyu Mustapha Zamfara Shinkafi Pre-degree (Sciences)
49 APP1237 SHAFI'U DAUDA Kaduna Giwa Pre-degree (Sciences)
50 APP1207 RABIU MUHAMMAD Katsina Bakori Pre-degree (Sciences)
51 APP1193 ALMUSTAPHA AMINU Katsina Bakori Pre-degree (Sciences)
52 APP1090 KABIR SANUSI Katsina Batagarawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
53 APP1157 ibrahim murtala Katsina Batagarawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
54 APP1155 Hauwa'u Yusuf Katsina Batagarawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
55 APP1232 ABUBAKAR ISMAIL Katsina Batagarawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
56 APP1309 Aliyu Bala Katsina Batagarawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
57 APP1125 ISMAIL HUSSAINI Katsina Batsari Pre-degree (Sciences)
58 APP1168 Sa'adatu Surajo Katsina Batsari Pre-degree (Sciences)
59 APP1242 Yusuf Lawal Katsina Batsari Pre-degree (Sciences)
60 APP1199 MARYAM RABIU Katsina Baure Pre-degree (Sciences)
61 APP1166 mu'awiya SULAIMAN Katsina Bindawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
62 APP1069 HARUNA SUNUSI Katsina Dandume Pre-degree (Sciences)
63 APP1112 SANI DALHA Katsina Dandume Pre-degree (Sciences)
64 APP0979 Umar Maryam Katsina Danja Pre-degree (Sciences)
65 APP1172 MUSAB SANI Katsina Danja Pre-degree (Sciences)
66 APP1183 HUSSAINI SANI Katsina Danja Pre-degree (Sciences)
67 APP1185 Abba Abubakar Katsina Danja Pre-degree (Sciences)
68 APP1210 IBRAHIM MUSA Katsina Danja Pre-degree (Sciences)
69 APP1226 FATIMA MANSUR Katsina Dan-Musa Pre-degree (Sciences)
70 APP1100 Shamsuddin Mohammed Lawal Katsina Daura Pre-degree (Sciences)
71 APP1144 UMAR SAIDU ABBA Katsina Daura IJMBE
72 APP1123 Ahmad Sade Katsina Daura Pre-degree (Sciences)
73 APP1122 Musa Yusuf Katsina Dutsi Pre-degree (Sciences)
74 APP1062 salamatu lawal Katsina Dutsinma Pre-degree (Sciences)
75 APP1190 Fatima KABIR Katsina Dutsinma Pre-degree (Sciences)
76 APP0094 RABIU UMAR Katsina Faskari Pre-degree (Sciences)
77 APP1068 ISYA ABDULLAHI Katsina Faskari Pre-degree (Sciences)
78 APP1146 MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR Katsina Faskari Pre-degree (Sciences)
79 APP1234 ALIYU NUHU Katsina Faskari Pre-degree (Sciences)
80 APP1033 Abdulrahman Nasir Katsina Faskari Pre-degree (Sciences)
81 APP0987 SULAIMAN IBRAHIM Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
82 APP1071 UMAR RABIU Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
83 APP0976 MARYAM IBRAHIM Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
84 APP1097 Shuaibu Hussaini Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
85 APP1110 RUKAYYA USMAN Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
86 APP1111 ABUBAKAR USMAN Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
87 APP1134 ABDULKADIR YAKUBU Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
88 APP1135 UMAR ABUBAKAR Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
89 APP1137 HAFSAT MASUD Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
90 APP1182 BELLO IBRAHIM Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
91 APP1212 Umar Nuhu Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
92 APP1222 ILIYASU ILIYASU Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
93 APP1252 ASHIRU RABO Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
94 APP1268 MUSTAPHA ALIYU Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
95 APP1274 Hajara Ahmad Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
96 APP1291 RABIU JIBRIL Katsina Funtua IJMBE
97 APP1304 Umar Isah Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
98 APP0993 UMMU SALMA KABIR Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
99 APP1253 MANNIR ISMAIL Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
100 APP0994 AHMAD MUSTAPHA Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
101 APP1067 TASIU HAMZA Katsina Jibia Pre-degree (Sciences)
102 APP1105 AMINA ISAH Katsina Jibia Pre-degree (Sciences)
103 APP1120 Aminu Saminu Katsina Jibia Pre-degree (Sciences)
104 APP1247 sada mansur Katsina Jibia Pre-degree (Sciences)
105 APP1308 Abdulbasid Abukasim Katsina Jibia Pre-degree (Sciences)
106 APP1092 Abdulgaffar Junaidu Katsina Kafur Pre-degree (Sciences)
107 APP1196 Alliyu Leko Katsina Kafur Pre-degree (Sciences)
108 APP0949 Ishaq Abdullahi Katsina Kaita Pre-degree (Sciences)
109 APP1052 KABIR AHMAD Katsina Kaita Pre-degree (Sciences)
110 APP1206 MUHAMMAD GIDADO Katsina Kaita Pre-degree (Sciences)
111 APP1121 Aminu Sani Katsina Kankara Pre-degree (Sciences)
112 APP1138 NAZIRU UMAR Katsina Kankara Pre-degree (Sciences)
113 APP1260 ABUBAKAR ABDULLAHI Katsina Kankara Pre-degree (Sciences)
114 APP1266 Musa Uzairu Katsina Kankia Pre-degree (Sciences)
115 APP1292 IBRAHIM ISAH Katsina Kankia Pre-degree (Sciences)
116 APP0075 Abubakar Abdu Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
117 APP0086 Mufida Hamisu Umar Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
118 APP0945 Abdurrahim Ladan Wapa Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
119 APP0954 NURA SALMANU Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
120 APP0955 SHAMSU SALMANU Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
121 APP1010 Fatima Muhammad Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
122 APP1064 Umar Musa Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
123 APP1060 Ibrahim Bala Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
124 APP1087 Ahmad Bashir Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
125 APP1099 LAWAL ABUBAKAR Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
126 APP1109 Maryam Abdulrafiu Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
127 APP1114 ALKASIM IDRIS Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
128 APP1116 Fatima Usman Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
129 APP1117 Zinatu Mukhtar Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
130 APP1124 HANIFA HASSAN Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
131 APP1140 FATIMA GARBA Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
132 APP1150 SADIQ SANUSI Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
133 APP1162 RUKAYYA LAWAL Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
134 APP1113 SALIS HINDATU Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
135 APP1167 YUSUF IBRAHIM Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
136 APP1176 FATIMA ABDULJALAL Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
137 APP1200 ANAS UMAR Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
138 APP1201 Zubairu Mustapha Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
139 APP1215 HAUWAU ASHIRU Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
140 APP1228 FATIMA ABDULLAHI Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
141 APP1241 Halimatu Aminu Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
142 APP1238 Aminatu Yammawa Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
143 APP1243 Muhammad Hamisu Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
144 APP1179 Lawal Muhammad Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
145 APP1264 Usman Rabiu Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
146 APP1265 Badamasi Bashir Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
147 APP1296 MUSTAPHA AMINU Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
148 APP1306 Yusuf Mansir Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
149 APP1307 ABDULLAHI UMAR Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
150 APP1287 Alamin Bala Saulawa Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
151 APP1310 RUKAYYA YAKUBU Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
152 APP1311 HAFSAH SULAIMAN Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
153 APP1235 Hafsat Tanko Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
154 APP1286 Almustapha Bala Saulawa Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
155 APP1094 AISHA ABUBAKAR Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
156 APP1230 Maryam Ibrahim Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
157 APP0991 AMINA Babangida Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
158 APP1047 MUSA ABDULKADIR Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
159 APP1163 Jamilu Nasir Katsina Kurfi Pre-degree (Sciences)
160 APP1273 NABILA IBRAHIM Katsina Kurfi Pre-degree (Sciences)
161 APP1056 AMINU ABDULAZIZ Katsina Kusada Pre-degree (Sciences)
162 APP1055 ZAHRADEEN ABDULAZIZ Katsina Kusada Pre-degree (Sciences)
163 APP1142 Rabiu Kabir Katsina Kusada Pre-degree (Sciences)
164 APP1159 Abubakar Abdullahi Musa Katsina Kusada Pre-degree (Sciences)
165 APP1132 Adamu Shu'aibu Katsina Mai Adua Pre-degree (Sciences)
166 APP1024 Umar Ibrahim Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
167 APP1082 Umar Ibrahim Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
168 APP1096 MUSTAPHA MUSTAPHA Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
169 APP1164 BELLO AHMAD Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
170 APP1214 Nasir Akilu Haiba Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
171 APP1258 Abdulbasir Adamu Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
172 APP1280 MUHAMMAD MUS'UD Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
173 APP1282 Abdullahi Jabir Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
174 APP1036 Ibrahim Abba Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
175 APP1009 Alheri Saadu Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
176 APP1002 USMAN SAMA'ILA Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
177 APP1254 Halima Mashasha Katsina Mani Pre-degree (Sciences)
178 APP0957 kalifa Adamu Katsina Mashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
179 APP1091 Abdulrahman Lawal Katsina Mashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
180 APP1081 Zadiyyah Ibrahim Katsina Mashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
181 APP1072 Mahafuza Ibrahim Katsina Mashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
182 APP1208 FAHAT SULAIMAN Katsina Mashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
183 APP1128 HAMISU ALIYU Katsina Matazu Pre-degree (Sciences)
184 APP1130 MASAUD AHMED Katsina Matazu Pre-degree (Sciences)
185 APP1131 SURAJO ADAMU Katsina Matazu Pre-degree (Sciences)
186 APP1136 ALIYU DANJUMA Katsina Matazu Pre-degree (Sciences)
187 APP1154 SAADANU SULAIMAN Katsina Matazu Pre-degree (Sciences)
188 APP1204 Aisha Yahaya Katsina Matazu Pre-degree (Sciences)
189 APP1270 Naziru Atiku Katsina Matazu Pre-degree (Sciences)
190 APP1249 Abbas Hamisu Katsina Matazu Pre-degree (Sciences)
191 APP1073 Harisu Abdulmumini Katsina Musawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
192 APP1079 Ibrahim Samaila Katsina Musawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
193 APP1173 FALILATU MAMUDA Katsina Musawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
194 APP1177 Aliyu Umar Katsina Musawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
195 APP0092 Saifullahi Nuhu Katsina Rimi Pre-degree (Sciences)
196 APP1141 Mariyatu Isyaku Katsina Rimi Pre-degree (Sciences)
197 APP1203 ABDURRAHMAN ISMAIL Katsina Rimi Pre-degree (Sciences)
198 APP1224 IBRAHIM AHMAD Katsina Rimi Pre-degree (Sciences)
199 APP1261 SHUAIBU LAWAL Katsina Rimi Pre-degree (Sciences)
200 APP1305 Jamilu Hafiz Katsina Rimi Pre-degree (Sciences)
201 APP1251 Abubakar Yahaya Katsina Sabuwa Pre-degree (Sciences)
202 APP1102 KHADIJA ABDULLAHI Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
203 APP1103 BILKISU ABDULLAHI Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
204 APP1377 SAADATU BASHEER Katsina Daura IJMBE (Sciences)
205 APP1392 Salma Nasir Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
206 APP0037 KHADIJA LAWAL ALIYU Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
207 APP1401 Mustapha Hassan Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
208 APP1391 Hauwa'u Mukhtar Katsina Malumfashi IJMBE (Sciences)
209 APP1386 MUSTAPHA YUSUF Katsina Matazu IJMBE (Sciences)
210 APP1351 MAIMUNATU BUHARI TELA Katsina Musawa IJMBE (Sciences)
211 APP1328 MARYAM ABDULKARIM Katsina Sabuwa IJMBE (Sciences)
212 APP1295 ISAH ABDULKARIM Katsina Sabuwa IJMBE (Sciences)
213 APP1381 MUHAMMAD AUWAL Adamawa Hong IJMBE (Sciences)
214 APP1402 ARDO RUKAYYA Adamawa Yola Pre-degree (Sciences)
215 APP1153 Afolarin Abass Kaduna kaduna North IJMBE (Sciences)
216 APP1345 Muhammad Gide Kano Gwale IJMBE (Sciences)
217 APP1317 INUWA IBRAHIM Kano Nasarawa IJMBE (Sciences)
218 APP1194 AMINA IBRAHIM Katsina BAKORI Pre-degree (Sciences)
219 APP1359 FATIMA ABDULLAHI Katsina Batagarawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
220 APP1364 RUKAYYA NAJIMUDDEEN Katsina Batagarawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
221 APP0966 SALISU Katsina Batagarawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
222 APP1337 MUHAMMAD BADAMASI Katsina Batsari Pre-degree (Sciences)
223 APP1344 UMAR KABIR Katsina Batsari Pre-degree (Sciences)
224 APP1335 Farida Lawal Katsina Charanchi Pre-degree (Sciences)
225 APP0027 NAJIB WADA Katsina Charanchi Pre-degree (Sciences)
226 APP062 NAZIFI NURA Katsina DANDUME Pre-degree (Sciences)
227 APP0061 ABDULRAZAQ NURA Katsina DANDUME Pre-degree (Sciences)
228 APP0028 SULAIMAN IBRAHIM Katsina DANJA Pre-degree (Sciences)
229 APP1376 Aisha Abdulkadir Katsina Dutsi Pre-degree (Sciences)
230 APP1349 ABDULRAHAMAN ZAKARI YA'U Katsina Dutsi Pre-degree (Sciences)
231 APP1332 ZAYYANA UMAR Katsina Dutsinma IJMBE
232 APP1390 Aliyu Salisu Katsina Faskari Pre-degree (Sciences)
233 APP1329 FATIMA DAYYABU Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
234 APP1400 AMINA SA'I Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
235 APP029 SABITU SHEHU SALISU Katsina Funtua Pre-degree (Sciences)
236 APP1415 MUHAMMAD LAWAN Katsina Ingawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
237 APP1366 Khadijah Abdullahi Katsina Kafur Pre-degree (Sciences)
238 APP1358 Ayuba Yusuf Katsina Kafur Pre-degree (Sciences)
239 APP1244 Sagir Sani Katsina Kankara Pre-degree (Sciences)
240 APP1352 AMINATU A Katsina Kankara Pre-degree (Sciences)
241 APP1353 HAFIZA MURNAI Katsina Kankara Pre-degree (Sciences)
242 APP1360 Amina Taneem Katsina Kankara Pre-degree (Sciences)
243 APP1413 ABUBAKAR IDRIS Katsina Kankara Pre-degree (Sciences)
244 APP1404 ABDULMALIK MOHAMMED Katsina Kankia Pre-degree (Sciences)
245 APP1318 AISHA SULEIMAN DAKU Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
246 APP1336 Abdulmutallab ladan Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
247 APP1368 AMIRA KABIR Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
248 APP1405 FATIMA BADAMASI Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
249 APP1331 ABDULRAHMAN LAWAL Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
250 APP1333 abdullahi Tajuddeen Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
251 APP1373 Abdulaziz ladan Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
252 APP1393 Idris Bashir Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
253 APP1397 UMAR SANUSI Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
254 APP1406 kalifa umar Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
255 APP1294 MARYAM IBRAHIM Katsina Kurfi Pre-degree (Sciences)
256 APP1375 ikilima muhammad Katsina Kurfi Pre-degree (Sciences)
257 APP1385 ABUBAKAR KABIR Katsina Kurfi Pre-degree (Sciences)
258 APP1367 HADIZA KABIR Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
259 APP1343 SAIFULLAHI ABDULLAHI Katsina Malumfashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
260 APP1361 Usman Aliyu Katsina Mashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
261 APP1365 Abubakar Lawal Katsina Mashi Pre-degree (Sciences)
262 APP1396 HALIMA GIDADO Katsina Musawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
263 APP0058 Muhammad Mammanda Nura Katsina Bidawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
264 APP1176 Fatima Abduljalal Naiya Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
265 APP1256 Fatima Abdulmutallab Katsina Kankia Pre-degree (Sciences)
266 APP0026 Muhammad Zakariyya Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
267 APP1466 MOUSSA OUMAROU ADA Katsina Katsina English Immerssion Programme
268 APP1406 kalifa umar Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
269 APP1412 Yahaya Lawal Katsina Ingawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
270 APP1416 ALIYU ABUBAKAR Katsina Ingawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
271 APP1417 Abdulrazak Muhammad Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
272 APP1422 Dawud Muhammad Katsina Faskari Pre-degree (Sciences)
273 APP1425 MUHAMMAD HASSAN Katsina Kankia Pre-degree (Sciences)
274 APP1430 Muhammad Umar Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
275 APP1435 MUHAMMAD AMINU Katsina Kafur Pre-degree (Sciences)
276 APP1437 ABUBAKAR YUSUF Katsina Kaita Pre-degree (Sciences)
277 APP1442 MUHAMMAD LAWAL Katsina Bindawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
278 APP1454 SULAIMAN SURAJO Katsina Charanchi Pre-degree (Sciences)
279 APP1455 Nasiru Umar Katsina Mani Pre-degree (Sciences)
280 APP1458 AL'AMIN HUSSAINI Katsina Musawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
281 APP1461 Yusuf Tukur Katsina Bindawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
282 APP1469 Halima Yusuf Abubakar Katsina Mani Pre-degree (Sciences)
283 APP1472 ABUBAKAR ABDULLAHI Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
284 APP1420 Fatima Adamu Katsina Batagarawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
285 APP1423 Maryam Sulaiman Katsina Faskari Pre-degree (Sciences)
286 APP1426 Ibrahim Abdullahi Katsina Mani Pre-degree (Sciences)
287 APP1428 HANIFA HASSAN Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
288 APP1439 ASMAU SULEIMAN Katsina Bakori Pre-degree (Sciences)
289 APP1446 KHADIJA BISHIR Katsina Kusada Pre-degree (Sciences)
290 APP1452 MUHAMMED ZINNIRA Katsina Batsari Pre-degree (Sciences)
291 APP1459 AL'AMIN BABANGIDA Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
292 APP1467 HAFSAT AHMED Katsina Bakori Pre-degree (Sciences)
293 APP1468 ZAINAB SANUSI NURUDDEEN Katsina Ingawa Pre-degree (Sciences)
294 APP1471 HAUWAU SANI Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
295 APP1427 Anas Ado Kogi Lokoja Pre-degree (Sciences)
296 APP1453 Abdullahi Dalhat Katsina Kaita IJMBE (Sciences)
297 APP1457 Ismail Sulaiman Mahmud Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
298 APP1470 IBRAHIM MU'AZU GAFAI Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
299 APP1436 Saeed Mohammed FCT Municipal IJMBE (Sciences)
300 APP1462 KHADIJA LAWAL Katsina Katsina IJMBE (Sciences)
301 APP1473 HAFSAT MUHAMMAD ZANGO  Katsina Zango IJMBE (Sciences)
302 APP1466 MOUSSA OUMAROU ADA Maradi Maradi English Immerssion Programme
303 APP0039 ABUBAKAR MANSUR Katsina Daura IJMBE (Sciences)
304 APP1483 ISAH FALALU Katsina Daura Pre-degree (Sciences)
305 APP5084 USMAN HAFIZ Katsina Rimi IJMBE (Sciences)
306 APP0082 Fatima Zahra Nuraddeen Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
307 APP1489 Abubakar Abubakar Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
308 APP1444 Umar Ahmad  Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
309 APP1289 Khadija Mustapha Sani Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
310 APP1450 Abubakar Garba Baballe Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
311 APP1695 Abdussalam Umar Katsina Katsina Pre-degree (Sciences)
312 APP1491 Salimah Mustapha Shargalle Katsina Danja Pre-degree (Sciences)
313 APP1490 Amina Hassan Katsina Dutsi Pre-degree (Sciences)


1 APP5089 Salaudeen Mujeebat Doyin IJMBE Oyo Kajola
2 APP5090 Okoro Chidera IJMBE Imo Owerri
3 APP5091 Fatima Shehu IJMBE Katsina Kaita
4 APP5092 Aisha Jabir Male IJMBE Katsina Kankara
5 APP5093 Abdu Muhammad Gambo IJMBE Katsina Katsina
6 APP5094 Usman Aminu Badamasi IJMBE Katsina Katsina
7 APP5095 Abdullahi Rahama Bature IJMBE Katsina Katsina
8 APP5096 Mahaouya Aboubacar ELIP Maradi Maradi
9 APP5097 Abdoul Malik Maman ELIP Tawa Birnin Konni

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