Governing Council

The Governing Council for the University as provided by the Law establishing the University is the highest governing body of the University with overall responsibility for the policy and control of the finances and properties of the University.

Functions of the Council include approval of the annual budget, annual accounts, annual reports and other documents which shall reflect the result of the University’s activities. Other provisions on functions and procedures of the Governing Council are detailed in the third schedule of the University Law.

The Council consist of: Pro-Chancellor (Chairman); Vice-Chancellor; Deputy Vice-Chancellor(s) two persons appointed by the Senate from the members of that body; one person elected by the Congregation from among the members of that body not being a member of the Senate; one member elected by the Convocation from among members of that body; three persons to be appointed by the Visitor; the Commissioner or Chief Executive in charge of Higher Education in the State; the Permanent Secretary, Katsina State Ministry of Finance.

University Senate

The general function of the Senate is to organize and control teaching, promote research in the University and to maintain these with the highest degree of excellence.

The Senate controls admission into the University and generally provide for the welfare and discipline of the students. Specific functions of the Senate are provided by the Law and the Statue establishing the Senate of the University.

The Senate consist of the Vice-Chancellor; the Deputy Vice-Chancellors; the Deans of Faculties, Postgraduate School and Student Affairs; Professors; Head of Academic Departments/ Institutes/Centres and/or Units; the University Librarian and such teachers not being below the rank of Lecturer I and not being more than one third of the total number of non-elected members of the Senate elected by the Congregation and at least one of whom shall come from each Faculty. The Registrar serves as Secretary to the Senate.


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