Vision: Umaru Musa Yar’adua University aspires to be one of the best Universities.

Mission: To produce well grounded, sound, God-fearing and entrepreneurially minded graduates that undertake research for societal development.

Motto: To serve and to learn


The Umaru Musa Yar’adua University logo depicts a shield resting on a base.  Inside the shield is an open book and a molecule above it.  The molecule symbolizes science and technology, which is the university's focus for the rapid scientific and technological development of the State.  The open book symbolizes the spirit of enquiry and research, which represents the aspiration of the university to excel in its academic activities.  The shield symbolizes the virility and courage of the people of Katsina State, which shall be reflected in the management of the university.  The yellow colour on the logo, which dominates the surface of the shield, symbolizes the Sahel region in which Katsina State is located.  The green colour, which covers the edges of the shield, symbolizes agriculture which is the predominant occupation of the people of Katsina State.  The colour white represents the serene environment, which the university hope to provide through the use of information and communication technology.  The colour black represents strength and sense of direction, which the University hopes to provide for Katsina State, its people and the generality of mankind as a whole.


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