The objectives of the University are:

  1. To serve as centre of academic excellence through teaching, promotion of research, advancement of arts, science and technology and human resource development;
  2. To provide regular courses of instruction in the humanities, the sciences and other spheres of learning of a standard required and expected of a university of the highest standing;
  3. To encourage the advancement of learning and give all persons without distinction of race, religion, creed, sex or political persuasion, the opportunity of acquiring a higher education;
  4. To encourage and promote scholarship and conduct research in all fields of learning and human endeavor;
  5. To widen access of higher education through the adoption of dual mode of learning delivery, that is face-to-face and distant learning modes;
  6. To promote sound moral principles, ethics, national unity, excellence and service to Allah;
  7. To relate its activities to the cultural, social, religious and economic needs of the people of the State in particular, and Nigeria in general;
  8. To offer opportunities to all persons for the pursuit of knowledge in all fields;
  9. To develop high level human resource to meet the needs of the State and the nation as a whole;
  10. To advance understanding of local and national development problems through research;
  11. To advance the application of knowledge for the uplitfment of the well being of the people of the State in particular and Nigeria in general;
  12. To undertake any other activities appropriate for a university of the highest standing.

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