Congratulations on your decision to study B. Sc. Sociology in the Department of Sociology, Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina, Nigeria. By joining our B. Sc. programme, you have become an integral part of our Department. The main objective of the B. Sc. programme is to equip students with both the requisite theoretical tools of analysis and skills which are necessary in exploring and discovering the nature and character of the social world. To this end, principal purpose of the discipline of sociology is to search out some critical understanding of the social mission of sociology; to formulate some tentative ideas about the social parameters within which it operates the ideologies it expresses and the link it has to the wider society. By joining this programme, you will discover your particular talents, interests, and abilities and will have the chance to explore these fully. You will be encouraged to read widely and intensively with a view to developing analytical skills all of which are key mechanisms which serve as a basis for either social action or as a springboard for further research which is highly sought after by all employers such as critical thinking, clear communication, acute reasoning, independent, resourceful and reflective problem solving abilities.

The B.Sc. programme covers a broad range of topics of Sociology such as industrial sociology, urban and rural sociology, development, criminology, demography and statistics, medical sociology etc. and these areas promise to be informative, stimulating and enjoyable.

In the Department of sociology, you will be part of a diverse and multicultural group of students, working alongside academic staff, who are enthusiastic and innovative teachers, as well as active researchers. We will do our best to give you appropriate support in terms of a conducive learning environment as well as supportive social guidance throughout your degree programme. The knowledge and analytical skills you acquire will equip you for success in your future life and career.

Dr. Joachin A L Mwami

Head, Department of Sociology

Brief History of the Department

The Department of Sociology was established in 2012 as one of the pioneer academic departments in the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina. Since the commencement of academic activities in 2012/2013/ academic session, the Department aims at awarding degree of B.Sc in Sociology. In the past four years, the Department has been growing in terms of staff composition, students’ strength and course content. It has continued to provide an avenue for disseminating sociological knowledge  of our societies – both present and past - for staff and students, training in basic research and manpower development for Katsina State, the country and the international community at large.  To this end, therefore, it seeks to develop a broad and critical understanding of the “laws of motion” of both contemporary social formations as well as those ones known to have existed in social history, particularly in Africa and the underdeveloped social formations in general and those in Nigeria in particular, but without at the same time losing sight of their interface with the outside world.


The Philosophy governing the programme is predicated on the need to generate knowledge for empowerment, emancipation and ability to solve problems through empirical and theoretical understanding of sociological concepts and principles as foundation for nurturing sound, articulate and well trained manpower that will contribute to the development of Nigeria as a country and the world in general.  The realization of the persistence of social problems that tend to engross our society informed the need to train and equip a generation of people that will be well informed about the problems of society and how to solve them.  Consequently, graduates trained by the department are expected not only to be able to serve competently in various capacities in public and private service but would have been well grounded in theoretical as well as research skills necessary to pursue further studies in the field of sociology.


The aim of the department of sociology is to produce graduates who are sufficiently and adequately equipped with the requisite critical and analytical skills of society, science and history. To produce people who are independent thinkers and who are capable  of helping  members of the society in designing appropriate measures towards finding lasting solutions to the social problems within the context of a growing nation, Nigeria and to contribute meaningfully to the globalised world.  The programme has the following general objectives:

  • To maintain a high quality, stimulating and congenial learning environment for all students engaged in sociological enquiry.
  • To develop and improve students’ understanding of the social problems of Nigerian Society.
  • To expose students to the general and specific knowledge of relationships including the knowledge of social institutions that characterized community, interpersonal, personal and global relations.
  • To encourage students to develop as independent, reflective learners who accept responsibility for the management of their own learning.
  • To encourage open-mindedness in social enquiry and tolerance toward a diversity of positions and perspectives.
  • To ensure students acquire rigorous understanding of the society and social processes.
  • To engage in a continuous process of curriculum innovation and development, sensitive to changes within the discipline and the outside world.
  • To assist students in acquiring a range of cognitive and transferable skills relevant to their intellectual, vocational and personal development.
  • To develop and nurture relevant manpower for the developmental needs of Nigeria and the globalised world.