The importance of Biochemistry as a bed rock of all life sciences cannot be overemphasized, thus the Department of Biochemistry was well conceived and established in 2012 to cater for the rising need of Biochemists in the core catchment areas of the University. The Department of Biochemistry in the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences is responsible for running B.Sc. Honours Degree Programme in Biochemistry, teaching basic Biochemistry courses to students, and any other Faculty that may require Biochemistry courses.

A Biochemist aims to understand life at its lowest level (i.e molecular level) and inevitably requires a well-equipped mind and body. On this note, a typical Biochemist should be ready for challenges, be proactive, creative, dedicative, curious and innovative. Importantly, all the above qualities should be going hand in hand with good character, humility and obedience.

 While welcoming students to the Department, I urge you to read and understand this handbook and make it a companion throughout the duration of your degree programme. I wish you successful undergraduate years.

 Dr. Kabir Ibrahim Matazu, mni

Head of Department

History of the Department

The Department commenced academic activities from the 2012/2013 academic session with 48 pioneer students; 17 of whom have graduated with 6 first class students. The pioneer Head of Department was Prof. Mu’azu Abubakar Gusau; a sabbatical staff from Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto. Some of the pioneer staff were Dr. Kabir Matazu, Dr. Akilu Sada and Dr. Nasir Umar Matazu. Currently, the Department has six (6) Senior Staff members, one (1) Reader, two (2) Graduate Assistants and three (3) others pursuing their Ph.D. Dr. Kabir Ibrahim Matazu is currently the Head of Department. The Department currently has over 520 students, cutting across the four levels.


The philosophy guiding the Department is to produce a high quality education and learning experience to students who will contribute to the public understanding of the life sciences and molecular medicine. We also aim to produce graduates with basic knowledge of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in order to have the capability (both theoretical and practical) to work in public and private enterprises, in hospitals, food and beverage industries, Universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical industries, Biotechnological industries, regulatory agencies (such as NAFDAC and SON), petroleum industries, Agro Allied industries and in Medicine.


The Department has the following objective:

  • To foster high quality research in the field of Biochemistry.

  • To excel in biochemical teaching and research in the country.

  • To increase the awareness of the roles of Biochemistry in Nutrition, Health, Industry, Agriculture, Environment, Biotechnology and other fields of human endeavor as well as to provide competent manpower to man in these areas.

  • To promote environmental conservation through biochemical education and research,

  • To partake in the exploration and exploitation of our indigenous natural resources.