Choosing our university to study at the College of health Sciences is the beginning of a new chapter in your lives. This will be a gateway to unique and exciting experience, where you will interact with a community of students from different backgrounds and ideas.
The College of Health Sciences will provide you with quality education and will support you throughout your journey to achieve your goals. An orientation programme will be organized to guide through your expectations. The activities are organized to help you settle in your new environment. The Student Mentoring programme is one of the support strategies put in place to help you as you settle in the university. You have passed through many hurdles to secure the admission, which is competitive. This is your chance to fulfill your dreams.
At the College you will start with the foundation of your course and, as you go along the stages you will add more insight to your character. Being in the College, learning new skills and ideas are just part of what you require to become professionals. A very important aspect of your training is character. You are expected to exhibit the best character as you pass through your training because, the MBBS degree is based on both character and learning. This you will learn as you interact with the College and the University community.
The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences forms the foundation of your programme, which you need to move to the next stage of your training. So, every aspect of it is important for you to graduate and beyond when you choose the area you wish to specialize.
The first part of your training will be in the Faculty of natural and applied science. This is where you will learn the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, computer science and General studies subjects. The Faculty Basic Medical Sciences will provide with the basic support you need. When you have completed that and passed all the relevant examinations, then you will come back to this faculty and proceed with the pre-clinical phase. Here you will learn Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Biochemistry and Community Medicine.
You will be assigned mentors from your tutors, who are here to guide and support you. The university healthcare service is at center of the university. Be sure to register so that your health problems can be attended to. The next phase of your training will be the clinical phase and then graduation.
I wish you the very best university experience and beyond.