The University has guidance and counselling office which is overseen by a Professional Guidance and Counselling Officer. The office was established at the Students’ Affairs Division which is under the Vice Chancellor’s office. It works in compliance with the directives from the Federal Ministry of Education via National University Commission (NUC). The office is charged with the responsibilities of providing guidance services to Students, Staff and the host community. Therefore, the office serves the following functions:

  1. Providing counselling services to students experiencing psycho-social, educational and other personal problems. that could be potentially distruptive to their successive academics and future career.
  2. Providing individual and group counselling to students on how to adjust on campus life, manage time effectively, study habits, examination anxiety e.t.c.
  3. Organising programmes and activities that assist students to become effective and resourceful in their personal, social and academic lives.
  4. Providing necessary advice to staff and family members which will assist in dealing with students who have emotional problems.
  5. Organising events aimed at educating the University community about the nature and prevention of mental illness, sexual assault, substances abuse, examination malpractice and other social vices..
  6. Organising and Participating in students welcomed// orientation programmes.
  7. Organising and participating in guidance talks, career guidance and development.
  8. Coordinate and participate in Faculties/Departmental guidance activities and services.
  9. Obtain and disseminate data on global labour markets or job opportunities and guiding information on career choice.
  10. To liaise with medical Director in planning and organizing activities on students/staff health care.
  11. Providing referral to appropriate agencies for students social, economical and other psychological problems.

The office is located at Students’ Affairs Division, Student Center, Umaru Musa Yar adua University. Katsina.

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