Background of the Course:

In spite of R.E sustainability and Environmental friendliness, majority of policy makers at both State and Federal level do not possess the requisite knowledge of policy implications and policy drivers that would enhance the integration of renewable energy into our energy supply mix. In addition, policy makers need to acquaint themselves with the technicalities of project development and evaluation to be able to be in the position to positively direct the implementation of the diverse RE projects in the Country. This situation has significantly mitigated the rapid deployment of varieties of RE applications, particularly in solar photovoltaics’, rural power supply, community water pumping etc. with the increasing investment in RE applications in the Country, it is imperative to close this gap, so as to ensure sustainability of growth in this sector as well as other sectors of the economy in general. 


Objectives of the Course:

The course has been designed to address the gap that exist between policy makers and senior government officials involve in project conceptualization and the RE industry stakeholders as well as the technology applications.

Benefit of the Course:

The benefits to be derived by the participants on successful completion of the training is the complete change of mindset about the reliability and suitability of RE Technology for various end –use applications. The course will also prepare participants to be able to assess the viability of RE technology with respect to particular environment and also to conceive, analyzed and defend a proposal of RE Technology.

Abridged Course Content:

In order to meet the objective of the course the following course contents shall be covered:

  • Global Energy Resource
  • Application of R.E
  • Mini Grid Power Generation Technologies
  • General Aspects of Energy Management
  • Social, Economic, and Legal Framework
  • Project planning


The course is open to policy makers in Energy sector with a minimum of HND or B.Sc., B.Eng. with a minimum of 10 years working experience may be considered.


The course will run for 1 week commencing from Monday 14th May to Friday, 18th May, 2018.

Training Cost:

The cumulative fee per participant is N80,000.00 which covers the following;

  • Course Fee
  • Lunch and tee Breaks during training sessions
  • Personal protection Kits; Helmet, Safety boots, Safety goggles and hand gloves
  • Training manuals Hard Copy
  • Training bag and Writing Materials
  • Field Trips and Video Documentary