Background of the Course:

The need for thorough understanding on energy consumption sectors and pattern against energy generation is considered paramount in renewable energy project design and choice of appropriate technology. Primarily, Energy audit aimed to determine ways to reduce energy consumption. It is the translation of conservation ideas into realities by lending technically feasible solutions with economic and other organizational consideration. It gives positive orientation to the energy cost reduction which invariably lowers consumption per unit of product output, or to lower operating cost as the case may be. It also enables proper sizing as well as optimization of energy systems. All of these are necessary considerations that should enhance better integration of renewable energy resources in rural and industrial off-grid power system. Considering such numerous opportunities, the Centre found it necessary to stage the training to allow participants to acquire the requisite skills for enhanced RE system design and implementation.


Objectives of the Course:

The course has been designed to meet the requisite knowledge required in the industries and employers in the Nigerian Energy Market. Which include the ability to undertake the following;

  • Energy Resource planning,
  • Establish/Organize an Energy Audit team
  • Carry-out energy system optimization
  • Familiarization of process/ plant activities in industry for RE integration
  • First hand observation and assessment of current level operation and practices.

Benefit of the Course

The benefits to be derived by the participants on successful completion of the training is the possibility to serve as project consultants or to be self-employed as Energy Auditors, and to benefit their place of work in assessing technical feasibility, economic viability and prioritization of energy conservation measures options for implementation.

Abridged Course Content:

In order to meet the objective of the course the following course contents shall be covered:

  • General Aspects of Energy Management
  • Norms, Codes and Standards
  • Energy Efficiency in Industries: Thermal Processes
  • Energy efficiency in Industries: Electrical Applications
  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Process Performance Assessment, Monitoring and Verification


The course is open to Engineers or Registrable practitioners with a minimum of HND or B.Sc., B.Eng. In Electrical, Mechanical. Graduate of Physics and other relevant Science with a minimum of 5 years relevant Working experience may be considered. A special refresher course has been designed for practitioners in the energy sector who do not possess the requisite qualification in order to enable them join the course.


The course will run for 4 weeks commencing from Tuesday 2nd October to Tuesday 30th October, 2018

Training Cost

The cumulative fee per participant is N150,000.00 which cover the following

  • Course Fee
  • Lunch and tee Breaks during training sessions
  • Training manuals Hard Copy
  • Training bag and writing Materials
  • Field Trips and Video Documentary