Background of the Course:

Recently, there has been strong advocacy for deployment of Mini Grid electricity supply systems for both rural and industrial end use, so as to reduce the huge energy supply gap facing the country. Where as many developing countries such as Thailand, Tunisia and India, etc. have achieved great success in increasing rural energy access through mini-Grid integration, it remains a major challenge in Nigeria. However, with the recent approval of the mini- grid regulations by the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), the pace has been set for Rapid investment growth in this area. Successful mini-grid deployment requires robust design, based on detailed analysis of type of energy resources, energy demand profile and the appropriate technologies to employ for distribution and metering of consumers. These requirements necessitate the need for highly skilled manpower in the drive towards massive injection of renewable energy in the energy -mix of the country’s power supply it is in this regard that this MGD Course has been planned, in order to avail the country with strategic manpower required by both private and public sector employment markets for the successful deployment of Mini Grid in the nation power sector.    

Objectives of the Course:

The course has been designed to meet the technical and managerial requirement for designing and managing mini-grid system in the Nigeria Residential and industrial sector thus participants are expected to attain the required competency in their ability to amongst others.

  • Plan and design successful mini-grid for both residential and industrial
  • Perform economic analysis for Profitability of mini-grid system
  • supervise construction and commission of mini-grid power systems
  • Provide related advisory Services on solar photovoltaic’s and micro Hydropower.

Benefit of the Course

Prospective graduates of the MGD course will be well placed to serve as consultants, contractors or investors in the mini grid market, which is fast evolving in the country. The course will also be of immense benefit to regulatory officers in the electricity regulatory business as well as engineers who wish to undertake technical evaluation and marketing of electricity supply products

Abridged Course Content:

In order to meet the objective of the course the following course contents shall be covered:

  • Renewable energy application in mini-grid design (Hydro, SPV, Wind, Biomass etc)
  • Load assessment
  • Mini-grid power generation technologies
  • Mini-grid electric power distribution technologies
  • Social, Economic and legal framework of mini-grid deployment
  • Project planning and Management.


The course is open to Engineers or Registrable practitioners with a minimum of HND or B.Sc., B.Eng. In Electrical, Mechanical and Civil engineering, in special cases, graduate of physics and other relevant Science background may be considered if proven to possess the requisite engineering experience to undertake the course. A special refresher course has been designed for practitioners in the energy sector who do not possess the requisite qualification in order to enable them join the course.


The course will run for 5 weeks non-stop from   Monday 2nd  July to Saturday 4th August, 2018.

Training Cost:

The cumulative fee per participant is N150,000.00 which covers the following;

  • Course Fee
  • Lunch and tee Breaks during training sessions
  • Personal protection Kits; Helmet, Safety boots, Safety goggles and hand gloves
  • Training manuals Hard Copy
  • Training bag and writing Materials
  • Field Trips and Video Documentary