The Amnesty programme is a programme introduced and approved by the Senate of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University under the leadership of Vice Chancellor professor Sunusi Mamman to consider all withdrawn students that are withdrawn due to poor academic performance (on probation for two consecutive sessions) but has the CGPA of at least 1.00 or those that have exhausted their period at the university but have outstanding courses that are less than 10 credit units.

All candidates applying for amnesty programme must satisfy the following conditions before they are considered for re-admission

  1. Be cleared for re-admission by the faculty help desk officer at the university.
  2. Obtain, fill and submit a prescribed form for re-admission.
  3. Have the CGPA of 1.00 or outstanding courses of less than 10 credit units in the case of spill over students.
  4. Must not be earlier withdrawn for examination misconduct, or any Disciplinary reasons

The screening of candidates for the amnesty programme started on Wednesday, 4th August, 2021 and ended on 12th September, 2021.

All successfully screened students paid their application fees and registration fees on the portal successfully.

518 students were screened and cleared for the amnesty programme. These 518 students were given access to print admission letters.

The Head of Help Desk designed and produce examination card for all amnesty students and were distributed by their respective departments through the faculty amnesty representatives.