Click on the link below to download UMYU Colloquium Lectures:

1. Contemporary issues In Knowledge Sharing and Research Collaboration by Sani Abdu Fari (PhD)  2016 Download
2. Ethnobotanical Survey and Biological Properties of Medicinal Plants used for Traditional Maternal Healthcare in Katsina State, Nigeria by Sulaiman Sani Kankara (PhD) 01/06/2016 Download
3. Recent Development on Commutativity of Rings and its Applications by Moharram Ali Khan,PhD  08/092016 Download
4. Crises in the Post-Civil War Period in Nigeria: Reflections on the Nigerian Defence Sector, 1970 - 1975   Download
5. Studying the Impacts of Clinical and Dietary Interventions on Preterm Gut Microbiota in Neonates by Bashir Abdulkadir PhD  20/04/2017 Download