First Series of Knowledge Sharing Workshops on Econometrics

The Department of economics may wish to announce to the general public and academic community its first  series of knowledge sharing workshops on econometrics. This workshops, aims to bring together leading economic scholars, early career researchers and graduate students who are interested in learning new methods and techniques in econometrics.

Date: 9th to 11 August 2016

Venue: University  Auditorium

Guest Speaker 1:   Professor AU Sanda

Professor of financial Economics, Usman Dan fodio University Sokoto
Studied econometrics at university of Kent at Canterbury

Guest Speaker 2:    PROF. Shehu Usman Rano Aliyu

Director, International Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance

Bayero University Kano

Practical session 1


Dr. Muhammad Yusu

Topic: Time Series Data, Regression Analysis, Qualitative Dependent Variable, ARDL and Toda Yamamota non causality test. Practical EXERCISE, using micro fit

Practical session 2


                                             Dr. AbdulsalamAbubakar

Topics: Panel data, Panel Unit root tests,Panel Co-integration, Fully Modified OLS, Dynamic OLS, Panel Granger Causality

Practical EXERCISE, using eviews 9

Practical session 3


                                             Associate Prof. Bishir Mande(Visiting Scholar at Univasiti Utara Malaysia)

Topics:Factor Analysis, Structural Equation Modelling. Using Amos and Stata

Practical session 4


                                             Malan Bishir Umar Faruq(International  Economist)

Topics: Time Series Analysis with ARIMA – ARCH/GARCH model in Eviews latest version