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08 December 2015 In Nuclear
Gamma scanning radioisotope technique was employed to understand the severerity of stripping problem experienced on a bottom section of an atmospheric column of a petroleum refining industry. It is an online technique that can effectively investigate the hydraulic performance of an operating column without shutdown. The technique is Cost effective, and Efficient, and when applied periodically, can extend column run times. The scan was carried out on bottom two single-pass trays across the live area of the column using a 20 mCi (740 MBq) cobalt sixty (60Co) radioactive sealed source. The scan profile obtained indicated a regular attenuation “peaks” at the tray positions, which confirmed that both bottom trays are in their designed position and carries a significant amount of liquid on them. It was also found that there is a good liquid/vapor disengagement in the vapor space between the two trays and that the lower tray carries slightly more liquid than the tray above it (not indication of abnormally). A base level at 2.5m was also detected on the scanned section of the column.

Gamma scanning, sealed source, Scan profile, Shutdown

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