Message from the Head of Department

The department, even though young, has developed a good tradition of excellence over the years since its inception and has been recognized for its excellence in instruction and relevance of its community oriented research. With its available facilities and resources, the department is poise for a leadership position in physics research and education in Nigeria.

Our undergraduate program begins with courses designed to help build a strong foundation in physics. All Courses at higher level of the undergraduate program deepens the understanding of these basics in a progressive manner. The program culminates in an independent supervised final year project, which offers a unique opportunity of choosing from many different environmentally and community related experiments. Students are also encouraged to participate in current research areas of the department such as material science, medical physics, biophysics, renewable energy, etc. The objective is to help prepare our graduates for whatever carrier they might choose later, be it in teaching, industry or graduate studies..

The academic staff members of the department conduct research in many and varied areas of interest, such as condensed matter, astrophysics, plasma physics, atomic and nuclear physics, biophysics, material research, Nano science and renewable energy.


Our Vision

Aspire to be the best physics department in the nation by conducting cutting-edge research and by teaching and developing the carriers of the next generation of physicists.

Our History

The Department of Physics is one of the pioneer Departments in the University. The Department was established in January 2006 under the faculty of Natural and applied Sciences at the take up of the University. The department currently offers degree programme (B.Sc. (Hons)) in Physics, which commence right from inception of the University in 2006/2007 session. The department has so far graduated four set of students in 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012 and 2012/2013session and has produced four First-Class students (two of them have now joined the Department), many second class upper, second lower, 3rd class and pass degree students. The department is planning to introduce new undergraduate programmes and post graduate Programmes in future. Currently the department has a total number of 109 students at undergraduate level, 30 academic staff (25on tenure, 5 on visiting), 14 Technical staff, 1 Confidential Secretary and a messenger.


1 Prof. Lawal Sani Taura Professor M Ph. D. Physics Visiting
2 Dr. Zakari Yusuf Ibrahim Reader M PhD Nuclear Physics Visiting
4 Dr. Bishir Gide Mohammed Senior Lecturer M Ph.D Physics Tenure
5 Dr. Usman M. Gana Senior Lecturer M Ph.D Physics Visiting
6 Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Onimisi Senior Lecturer M Ph.D Physics Visiting
7 Dr. Nuruddeen Magaji Senior Lecturer M Ph.D Electrical Visiting
8 Aminu Yakubu Umar Senior Lecturer M Ph.D. Physics Sabbatical
9 Mustapha Sheriff Abdulkadir Lecturer I M M. Sc Physics Visiting
10 Ibrahim Muhammad Bagudo Lecturer II M M. Sc. Physics Tenure
11 Samaila Bello Mohammed Lecturer ll M M. Sc Physics Tenure
12 Abdulsalam Mahmoud Lecturer ll M M. Sc Physics Tenure
13 Usman Ahmad Rufa'i Lecturer ll M B. Sc Physics Tenure
14 Nuraddeen Usman Lecturer ll M M. Sc Physics Tenure
15 Abdullahi Tanimu Lecturer ll M M. Sc Physics Tenure
16 Ibrahim Yahaya Lecturer II M M. Sc. Theoretical Physics Tenure
17 Nura Liman Chiromawa Lecturer ll M M. Sc Physics Tenure
18 Auwal Abdulkadir Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc Micro Electronics Tenure
19 Sade Yusra Abdullahi Graduate Assistant F B.Sc Physics Tenure
20 Hussaini Abubakar Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Physics Tenure
21 Saratu Abdulfatah Graduate Assistant F B.Sc Physics Tenure
22 Sabiru Aminu Yar'adua Assistant Lecturer M B.Sc Physics Tenure
23 Saadiya Bello Bature Graduate Assistant F B.Sc Physics Tenure
24 Bello Saadu Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Physics Tenure
25 Shamsuddeen Sani Alhassan Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Physics Tenure
26 Suleiman Bello Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Physics Tenure