Mathematics and Computer Science


The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is one of the five pioneer departments in the Faculty of Natural and Applied sciences at inception. It was established in January 2007 and set up to offer two degree programmes - B. Sc. Mathematics and B. Sc. Computer Science. At inception (2006/2007) session, the department had a total number of 13 academic staff, 65 students for the B.Sc. Mathematics programme and 175 students for the B.Sc. Computer Science programme. Today, the department is one of the largest and vibrant department in the faculty.

The pioneer head of department is Habibullahi Aminu. He was succeeded by the following staff in the following order:

Hamisu Musa, Abubakar M. Gadu, Dr. Babagana A. Madu, Hamisu Musa, Anasu Rabe and Professor Abdelshakour Elsamahy. The current head of department is Dr. Aminu Adamu.


Philosophy of the Programme

The philosophy underlying this programme is to produce well-balanced graduate computer scientists of current global rating.

Objectives of the Programme


  • The present trend of global dependence on information technology and its relevance to the growth and development of any society;
  • The role of computer science in information technology;
  • The high demand of experts in computer science in the labour market;
  • The desirability of producing job creators rather than job seekers;
  • The high demand of knowledge and training in computer science by numerous applicants;

The computer science degree programme of the department of mathematics and computer science has the following objectives: to

  • Give high level training in general computer Appreciation and Application.
  • To develop high level computer programming skills of the various modern computer programming languages.
  • Further popularize the importance of computer knowledge and its relevance to personal/national progress.
  • Prepare students intellectually to pursue postgraduate research studies in all areas of computer science.


1 Dr. Hamisu Musa Senior Lecturer/HOD M Ph.D Numerical Analysis Tenure
2 Prof. Moharram Ali Khan Professor M Ph.D Mathematics Contract
3 Prof. Sahalu B. Junaidu Professor M PhD Computer Science Visiting
4 Dr. Bashir Maifada Yakasai Professor M Ph.D Operat. Research Visiting
5 Dr. Uba Ahmed Ali Professor M Ph.D Mathematics Visiting
6 Dr. Babawuro Usman Reader M PhD Computer Science Visiting
7 Dr. Aminu Adamu Senior Lecturer M PhD Computer Science Tenure
8 Dr. Aliya Mohamed Khalil Senior Lecturer F Ph.D Pure Mathematics Contract
9 Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Yakout Senior Lecturer M Ph.D Pure Mathematics Contract
10 Dr. Alimi O. Maruf Senior Lecturer M Ph.D Computer Science Visiting
11 Dr. Rashid Husain Senior Lecturer M Ph.D Computer Science Contract
12 Dr. Muhammad Lawal Kaurangini Senior Lecturer M PhD Mathematics Visiting
13 Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Tambuwal Lecturer I M Ph.D Computer Engineering Visiting
14 Dr. Salisu M. Lawan Lecturer I M Ph.D. Computer & Renw Visiting
15 Abubakar Magaji Gadu Lecturer II M M.Sc Mathematics Tenure
16 Abubakar Aminu Muazu Lecturer II M M.Sc Com. Science Tenure
17 Abdu Madugu Lecturer ll M M.Sc., Ph.D. Statistics Tenure
18 Dr. Ibrahim Lawal Kane Lecturer II M M.Sc., Ph.D. Statistics Tenure
19 Dr. Dauda Usman Lecturer II M Ph.D. Statistics Tenure
20 Sani Sadissou Lecturer II M M.Sc Mathematics Contract
21 Dr. Murtala Sani Lecturer II M M.Sc, PhD. Mathematics Tenure
22 Babangida Abubakar Albaba Lecturer II M M.Sc Comp. Sys. Network Engr. Tenure
23 Nuraddeen Sayyadi Lecturer ll M B.Sc Mathematics Tenure
24 Aminu Usman Lecturer II M M.Sc Mathematics Tenure
25 Sani Abba Lecturer II M M.Sc Mathematics Tenure
26 Aisha Mahmud Dan Ali Lecturer ll F B.Sc Com. Science Tenure
27 Anasu Rabe Assistant Lecturer M M. Sc. Statistics Tenure
28 Lawal Bello Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc Com. Science Tenure
29 Abubakar Rufa'I Garba Assistant Lecturer M M. Sc. Comp. Inf. Engineering Tenure
30 Nura Mukhtar Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc Intelligent System Tenure
31 Dr. Sani Suleiman Assistant Lecturer M Ph.D. Applied Mathematics Tenure
32 Ibrahim Muawiyya Idris Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc Statistics Tenure
33 Bashir Isa Dodo Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc Comp. Sys. Network Engr. Tenure
34 Lawal AliyuYantumaki Assistant Lecturer M B.Sc Mathematics Tenure
35 Lawal Muhammad Aminu Assistant Lecturer M B.ENGR.ELECT/COMP Tenure
36 Usman Sanusi Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc Mathematics Tenure
37 Idris Zakariyya Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc. Computer Scie Tenure
38 Aisha Kabir Umar Assistant Lecturer F M.Sc. Computer Engr Tenure
39 Fa'iza Tukur Bello Graduate Assistant F B. Tech. Comp. Science Tenure
40 Asmau Abdullahi Mani Graduate Assistant F B.Sc Mathematics Tenure
41 Aminu Aminu Mu'azu Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Com. Science Tenure
42 Bature Babangida Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Ed Maths Tenure
43 Amina Nura Graduate Assistant F B.Sc Mathematics Tenure
44 Aliyu Aminu Abdulhadi Graduate Assistant M B.Sc. Computer Science Tenure
45 Mustapha Lawal Malumfashi Graduate Assistant M B.Sc. Mothematics Tenure
46 Ibrahim Isa Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Com. Science Tenure
47 Tasiu Abdullahi Yusuf Graduate Assistant M Bsc. Mathematics Tenure
48 Nura Umar Graduate Assistant M B.Sc. Statistics Tenure