Industrial Chemistry


The Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry started from the inception of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University in January, 2007 established by the Katsina State Law No. 7 promulgated in September, 2006. The Department is under the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences and has started with thirty three students under the Headship of Prof. Ibrahim Sada. Following his appointment as the Dean of the Faculty, he handed over the departmental affairs to Prof. Muhammad Aqil. Subsequent to the death of Prof. Muhammad Aqil, the department became under the leadership of Prof. A. A. Zuru who is on sabbatical appointment with the department. At the expiry of his sabbatical, he was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of the Aliero Science and Technology University, Kebbi State. This makes Dr. Junaidu Na’aliya to become the next head of the department in April, 2011 who served for the period of one year before he handed over the department to Professor AbdulRahman A. Audu in April, 2012. The department is then headed by Dr. Muhammad Saleh Salga from April, 2013 to date.

The teaching responsibilities of the department are B.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry as well as the aspects of science foundation courses. The department has continued to grow in terms of staff strength, students’ enrolment and physical facilities.

The current students’ population stands at two hundred and fifty nine (259) comprising of one hundred and fifty three (153) males and thirty seven (37) females. The department graduated the first set of students in the 2009/2010 session with a 100% success, whereby four passed with a 2.1 and the remaining six obtained 2.2. The second set graduated in 2010/11 session and comprised of twelve students out of twenty seven where one obtained 1st class with a CGPA of 4.77 which is among the highest in the University and eight obtained second class upper while three obtained second class lower.


The Industrial Chemistry Program focused towards training students in general industrial chemical processes field and chemical technology that would help sustain manufacturing sectors of the national economy for sustenance of the sustainable environment. It is also designed in such a way that the curricula will provide the graduates with entrepreneurship spirits and management capabilities needed for self and economic liberation.


Specifically the department aims:

  • To provide students with a thorough grounding in principles and sound knowledge of scientific methods of the chemical processing activities.
  • To inculcate the students with appropriate skills and abilities to manage and administer technological operations within the field of chemistry and allied areas;
  • To educate and train chemists, particularly applied chemists, who can think fundamentally about their subject and who can acquire as graduates, a meaningful picture of the chemical industry.
  • To promote the development of national science and scientific knowledge in this zone and the entire country with practical application in establishing small scale industries.
  • Acting as a body for safeguarding the qualitative standard of learning and research.
  • To expose students to the various accounting and management tools that would ensure their useful contribution in the day to day management of any manufacturing industry


1 Dr. Muhammad Sale Salga Senior Lecturer / HOD M PhD Inorganic Chem. Tenure
2 Prof. Ibrahim Sada Professor M Ph.D Chemistry Tenure
3 Prof. S.Y. Mudi Professor M Ph.D. Organic Visiting
4 Prof. Junaidu Na'aliya Professor M Ph. D. Chemistry Visiting
5 Professor Aramani.A Audu Professor M Ph.D Anal. Chemistry Visiting
6 Prof. Oladipo M.O. Afolayan Professor M Ph.D. Nuclear Chem Visiting
7 Dr. Abdullahi Mustapha Reader M Ph. D. Chemistry Visiting
8 Dr. Iyaka Y. Ahmad Reader M Ph.D Anal. Chemistry Visiting
9 Dr. Sama’ila Muazu Batagarawa Senior Lecturer M M.Sc Analyt. Chem. Tenure
10 Dr. Aminu Bayawa Muhammad Senior Lecturer M PhD Petro.Geo. Chem Visiting
11 Dr. Aminu Ahmed Senior Lecturer M Ph. D. Chemistry Visiting
12 Dr. Kabir Abdu Senior Lecturer M Ph.D. Organic Chem. Visiting
13 Sabo Ibrahim Sodangi Senior Lecturer M M.Sc MBA Chemical Engr Visiting
14 Dr. K.I Omoniyi Senior Lecturer M Ph.D. Anal Chemistry Visiting
15 Dr. M.U Dabai Senior Lecturer M PhD Petro. Chem Visiting
16 Dr. Okunula O. Joshua Senior Lecturer M Ph.D. Chemistry Visiting
17 Dr. Abdulhamid Hamza Lectuer I M Ph. D. Chemical Engr. Visiting
18 Aliyu Danmusa Muhammed Lecturer II M Ph. D. Chem. Tenure
19 Ahmed Salisu Lecturer II M M.Sc Organic Chem. Tenure
20 Abubakar Lawal Lecturer II M M.Sc Applied Chem. Tenure
21 Magaji Ilu Barde Lecturer II M B.Sc Chemistry Tenure
22 Aminu Musa Lecturer II M M.Sc Applied Chem. Tenure
23 Dr. Fatima Binta Suleiman Lecturer II F Ph.D. Analyt Chemistry Visiting
24 Nura Suleiman Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc Analyt. Chem. Tenure
25 Hamza Ahmed Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc Analyt. Chem. Tenure
26 Hadiza Aminu Isah Assistant Lecturer F M.Sc Toxicology Tenure
27 Alimi Lukman Olawole Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc. Chemistry Tenure
28 Yusuf Hassan Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc Organic Chem. Tenure
29 Abubakar Sani Assistant Lecturer M M. Sc. Chemistry Tenure
30 Khalid Haliru Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc Analytical Chemistry Tenure
31 Ahmed Lawal Mashi Assistant Lecturer M M.Sc. Petroleum & Env. Tech. Tenure
32 Abubakar Muhammad Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Chemistry Tenure
33 Amina Ahmad M. Graduate Assistant F B.Sc Chemistry Tenure
34 Sani Sabo Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Chemistry Tenure
35 Nuraddeen Abdurrahman Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Chemistry Tenure
36 Abubakar Abdullahi Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Chemistry Tenure
37 Abubakar Lawal Muhammad Graduate Assistant M B.Sc Chemistry Tenure
38 Muhammad Sulaiman R. Graduate Assistant M BSc. Applied Chemistry Tenure
39 Abubakar Sani Graduate Assistant M BSc. Applied Chemistry Tenure
40 Nafi'u Muhammad Graduate Assistant M BSc. Applied Chemistry Tenure
41 Abdulkarim Musa Asst. Chief Sci. Lab. Tech. M M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry Tenure