Nigeria Language (Hausa)


The young visionary department was established in January, 2007. The department started with a total number of forty two B.A. Hausa students (i.e 100 level) and eight teaching staff.

On inception, the department was named “Department of Hausa”. However, the University Management approved its renaming as “Department of Nigerian Languages” in March, 2007. Although the Department offers only Hausa language, it will in future teach and conduct research in indigenous Nigerian languages in their various manifestations including literature and culture.


The mandate of the Department is to teach and conduct research in all Nigerian Languages and extend and expand knowledge relevant to the needs of the Nigerian society and indeed the wider world.

All degree programmes of the Department are aimed at producing graduates infused with enthusiasm to make a meaningful contribution to society and in particular in restoring the indigenous languages, literature and cultures of our society.

The general objectives of awarding a degree in the Department are based on the general objectives of the National University Commission:

1. To expose students to various aspects of their chosen language, linguistics, literature and culture with a view to helping them achieve greater competence and sophistication in their understanding and appreciation of the values inherent in those aspects.

2. To train them to be able to apply their knowledge for the advancement of their society.

3. To prepare them for further studies in the discipline and/or for relevant careers (e.g. teaching, administration etc).

4. To produce highly motivated and conscious Nigerians.

1 Dr. Shuaibu Mustapha Lecturer I/HOD M M.A. Hausa Lit.
2 Prof. Haruna Abdullahi Professor M Ph.D Political Verse
3 Prof. Munir Mamman Professor M PhD Lang. Arts
4 Prof. Ibrahim A. M. M/fashi Professor M Ph.D. Nig. Lang.
5 Prof. Abdu Y. Bichi Professor M Ph.D Hausa
6 Prof. Lawan Danladi Yalwa Professor M Ph. D. Ling
7 Prof. Salisu A. Yakasai Professor M Ph.D. Lang.
8 Dr. Aminu Galadima Batagarawa Senior Lecturer M PhD Hausa
9 Dr. Bashir Aliyu Sallau Senior Lecturer M PhD Hausa
10 Dr. Ahmed Danmaigoro Senior Lecturer M Ph. D. Hausa Lit.
11 Dr. Umma Ado Abbas Senior Lecturer F Ph.D Hausa Literature
12 Dr. Aminu Lawal Auta Senior Lecturer M Ph. D. Hausa
13 Dr. Yakub Aliyu Gobir Senior Lecturer M Ph. D. Hausa
14 Dr. Isa Yusuf Chamo Lecturer I M Ph. D. Ling
15 Dr. Mukhtar I. Ab Lecturer I M Ph. D. Hausa
16 Salima Suleiman Isah Lecturer II F M. A. Hausa
17 Ado Abdulrahman Lecturer II M M. A. Hausa
18 Bashir Abu Sabe Lecturer II M M. A. Hausa
19 Abdulkadir Dan Alhaji Lecturer ll M M. A. Hausa
20 Adamu Murtala Lecturer ll M M. A. Hausa
21 Surajo Ibrahim Lecturer ll M M. A. Hausa
22 Zainab Isah Lecturer II F B.A. Hausa
23 Aminu Ibrahim Assistant Lecturer M B.A. Hausa
24 Abdurrahman Faruk Graduate Assistant M B.A. Hausa
25 Muh'd Zaharaddeen Bello Graduate Assistant M B.A Hausa